Welcome to Caught Looking. This blog is dedicated to one thing and one thing only—the great American past time that is baseball.

I’ve been a part of multiple blogs over the years that involved topics ranging all over the board in sports, but I’ve decided to completely start anew with a 100 percent baseball blog. And what better time to open a baseball blog than during Spring Training when all teams are currently in first place and ready to start anew.

In this blog, I’ll write about everyday happenings, players, franchises, games, box scores, stats, the golden days, trivia, fantasy update and more around the great game of baseball. I also will have some guest bloggers from time to time to share their thoughts and viewpoints.

Feel free to check out the “About Me” section linked to the right for more information about myself, and I encourage you to leave comments on this blog on your thoughts to my daily musings to begin a discussion. So once again, welcome to Caught Looking.

Let’s play two!