For a team coming off a disastrous season full of injuries, could there be a worse sign for the Mets than news that Jose Reyes is heading back to New York for tests for a possible thyroid imbalance? Talk about a bad omen to kick off your spring training schedule. On a positive note, at least it’s not a baseball injury like his hamstring that cost him to miss the majority of last season. Hopefully for the Mets, Reyes gets this problem properly diagnosed, is OK and will be able to treat the issue and concentrate on baseball all season. But if I’m a Mets fan, I’m wondering when’s the next axe going to fall and on who?

Staying on injury front, it looks like Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb starting the season on the DL is a real possibility. This appears to be nothing more than Arizona just wanting to ease Webb back into the fold after his injury last year and make sure he gets all of his necessary starts in this spring. With the top of the rotation that could be the best in the NL West with Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson and Webb, it’s imperative for the Diamondbacks to have Webb get back to form sooner than later into the 2010 season. Arizona was expected to challenge the Dodgers for the division title last season until Webb’s injury, so not falling behind early this season is crucial for the D-backs.

Is anyone going to sign Jermaine Dye? I realize the trend of signing older players that are breaking down is falling by the wayside these days, but holy smokes Dye can still be extremely productive for a team. I’m guessing he’ll have a team by the end of spring training once some injuries occur.

This happened last month, but I wanted to mention the Giants two-year extension they gave Tim Lincecum. The Giants played around with this for a while and almost took it to arbitration (which they would have easily lost) before signing the two-year deal worth $23 million. My question, why weren’t the Giants trying to keep Lincecum with a long-term deal in the first place? They don’t want to lock up their 25-year-old ace that has won back-to-back Cy Young awards? The Giants should sign him to an eight-year deal, give him whatever he wants and name the Bay Bridge after him. Of course, this really isn’t surprising to question what Brian Sabean is thinking after all the trade success he’s had in the past. Seriously, how is this guy still employed?