Leave it to ESPN to release an erroneous report that has no leg to stand on (remember the whole Les Miles signed with Michigan story). ESPN credited “unnamed sources” that the Phillies were talking internally about an Albert Pujols/Ryan Howard trade.

Where’s the accountability for this absurd report? Since I have a blog, maybe I should enter fantasy land too and say a source close with the team told me the Pirates are shopping Ronny Cedeno for Roy Halladay, and even though it’s completely false, it’s OK because I have an unnamed source. It must have been a slow news day for ESPN to release this so-called “story.”

Even if ESPN heard that the Phillies were discussing this trade, who would believe it? I’m sure a lot of trades get talked about internally that never even get past the brainstorming stage, but ESPN takes it and runs with it like a deal could be imminent. Who in their right mind with the Cardinals would actually consider this deal? Ryan Howard is a great hitter, but Pujols is the best hitter in the game today and is on his way to going down as one of the great hitters in the game ever, period. Both players are 30 years old (Howard is actually a couple months older than Albert). I wouldn’t even make this deal in fantasy baseball.

This made up report, along with their lack of hockey coverage, is just another reason why I tend to turn to MLB Network, NHL Network and NFL Network instead of ESPN lately to get the latest and accurate news on each sport.