Cue the memory bank for your list of funniest baseball injuries because Cubs slugger Derrek Lee was the latest victim when he was injured while eating in the clubhouse.

Yes, apparently he decided to eat while sitting down and the chair said “screw this” and collapsed. Awesome. Just another bit of evidence to add to the Cubs billy goat curse? Ugh, I’m sure some Cubs fans actually believe that is so. In all seriousness, I hope Lee is okay and won’t miss Opening Day and from what it sounds like is he will be just fine. As for the chair though, its seen better days.

Of course this injury will conjure up other infamous injuries such as Sammy Sosa’s sneeze that Big League Stew mentioned today. Also, who could forget Tigers reliever Joel Zumaya hurting his arm during a playoff run by playing too much Guitar Hero? Then he came back and was injured in 4-wheeler accident, seriously what’s next for this guy?

My favorite injury of all time though (sorry to go off the norm here and bring up football) was Thomas Jones breaking his hand… “answering the telephone.” That must have been one important phone call he had to get to. Honestly, couldn’t they make something up better than that? Just tell us he got drunk and fell down some stairs.