Dodgers manager Joe Torre has decided to go with Vicente Padilla as his Opening Day starter against the Pirates on April 5th. To say this is a surprise would be an understatement. When asked about the decision, Torre was totally clear about it…

“We just had to pick somebody,” Torre said. “He was the one. Am I going to say he’s better than the other guys? I can’t do that.”

“I guess the fact that you don’t have a No. 1 … you just have to line them up some way, and we decided to do it that way,” Torre said.

Hey, Joe had to pick somebody! Isn’t that his job? Way to instill some confidence in your guys. Why didn’t he just throw darts at a board with pictures of his starting pitchers? At least say something that Padilla has more ML experience or the best option to handle the pressure of game one.

But he has no number one, really? Why do the Dodgers continue to play around with Clayton Kershaw? Just call him what he is—an ace. I don’t care if he’s 22 years old or not, he’s better than Padilla at any point in his career.

I’ll be the first to admit the role of Opening Day starter is a bit glorified in the media as more news than it really is toward the end of spring training, but Torre’s explanation is just ridiculous.