You know baseball season is right around the corner when you receive a certain gambling company’s baseball playbook in the mail full of all kinds of odds and bets for the upcoming season.

Even though I’m not a gambling man at all, I love taking a look to see what chances Vegas thinks some teams have prior to Opening Day. Starting off with the defending champs New York Yankees, they are +300 on the money line. This means if you put $100 down on the Yankees and they win it again, you win $300 total. Now for a less certain team, the Minnesota Twins are +2,200. A bit of a surprise considering this was a playoff team last year. The Rockies, on the other hand, are +1,600 so Vegas obviously believes in the Rockies more than the Twins.

Now for the “chance in hell” category, anyone want a chance to win a boat load of cash if the unthinkable happens? Well how about the Washington Nationals, which are +10,000. The Orioles are also +10,000, but somehow the Royals are only +6,500…interesting. But no one takes the cake like the Pittsburgh Pirates. Coming off their 17th consecutive losing season, the Bucs are a grand +15,000. Whoa. Don’t worry, save your money because hell will freeze over before the Bucs win the World Series.