Who knew so much could happen in just one day? Yes, it was just one day. Let me just state as a Pirates fan that even though it’s one day, please know that I am very excited to wake up today with the Bucs in first place. Hey, we have to enjoy every good moment the Pirates have because they are few and far between. Here are some random thoughts from yesterday’s Opening Day…

•    The atmosphere in PNC Park yesterday afternoon during the 11-5 victory over the Dodgers was electric, perfect and hard to compare to any other game in the ballpark’s short history. Beautiful summer-like weather, a barrage of home runs and runs and a bullpen to close out the reigning NL

2010 Opening Day at PNC Park

West champs. It reminded me of what the Pirates and the city could be if the Pirates competed throughout the season. With the said, it was once again just one day, and it didn’t change my outlook or prediction on the year, but blocking any negative thoughts today while the Pirates are undefeated. Ah, just say that out loud today.

•    Hey, did you hear Jason Heyward homered in his first at-bat? It was obviously a magical day for the rookie and Braves fan, but let’s not go overboard just yet. Once again, it was just one day. See, it’s becoming a theme now. Let’s just hold off on the Heyward’s ticket to the Hall of Fame for now. It was an unbelievable start to his career, but I have to mention that Jordan Schafer had the same start to his career last year before playing 50 games and being sent down to the minors. I’m in no way stating that the same with happen with Heyward, but there has to be some perspective on the topic. Heyward will be great this season and probably had a bit more energy rolling through him because it was his first game and Opening Day, but the kid will struggle at times.

•    I don’t understand why the Rays and Orioles did not play yesterday. MLB had the “Opening Night” game between New York and Boston and then yesterday was everyone else in the league…except for Baltimore and Tampa Bay. They play tonight along with six other games while most of the teams from yesterday have the day off. Maybe it’s just me, but that makes no sense. In a season where most teams only receive days off a couple of times per month, why give the majority of teams a day off on the second day of the season? More reasons why I need to be the commissioner of baseball.

•   And how about some of the performances around the league? Roy Halladay’s debut with the Phillies wasn’t bad, the Pujols guy is OK as he launched two home runs, Mark Buehrle looks in midseason form after blowing by the Indians, Shaun Marcum returned for the Blue Jays and had a no-hitter in the 7th inning before losing the no hit bid and the win as Texas rallied for the win and Carlos Zambrano had a long day (well actually a short one on the mound with 8ER in 1.1 innings).

Opening day is always a great day, but take it for what it is. Don’t jump off the bridge if your team lost and don’t punch your postseason tickets if you’re a Pirates fan.