We’re not even a week deep into the season and the Yankees-Red Sox series is already causing drama. Apparently umpire Joe West thinks their games are painfully long. Do the Yankees and Red Sox play long ass games? Yes, the numbers clearly show that. The average major league game in 2009 ran 2:55 while the Yanks-Sox averaged 3:40. The first two games of their opening series this week were 3:46 and 3:48. Why are these games so long? Both teams love to work the count and take pitches but they also love to take their time between pitches. Plus they are on national TV every game!

I’m in total agreement that these games are long and sometimes hard to watch when they start after 8 p.m. and are ending early the next morning. It probably even needed to be said, but an umpire should never make these comments. What in the world was an umpire doing talking to the Bergen Record in New Jersey anyway? I don’t recall reporters seeking out umpires for the hell of it unless a strange play happens like AJ Pierzynski’s fun in the 2005 ALCS. I don’t think it’s a standard practice to interview an umpire after a game, so that’s a bit bizarre to me. If he personally found a reporter to vent about the length of the game then the league should definitely do something about this.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona called West’s comments “troubling.” What I also find troubling is the fact that the entire series was broadcast nationally this week. ESPN ran the first and third game of the series and MLB Network had the second game. Seriously, like we aren’t going to see these teams enough all year—do we really need to see all three games to start the year? Does America really care that much about the Yankees and Red Sox? Because I sure don’t. There are other teams in the league…good ones at that. Despite what anyone says, these teams will probably play long games for years to come, but maybe ESPN shouldn’t be homers and broadcast them over and over again especially early in the year when postseason isn’t really a factor.