It’s already taken on rear reviews such as the best baseball  book written in 40 years and while I have no idea if that’s true, all I can provide is that The Bullpen Gospels is one entertaining read. The book is written by Dirk Hayhurst, a Toronto Blue Jays pitcher, as he gives a first-hand account of his experiences in  grinding through the minor leagues in the Padres organization in 2007.

While most of the reviews will be stunned with the notion of “a baseball player can write?!”, Hayhurst does a superb job of reliving minor league ball and his dreams and failures throughout his life. I’m no literary agent or reviewer by any stretch of the imagination, but I usually judge a book by how well it holds my attention. The Bullpen Gospels did just that as I flew through its 340 pages in just a couple of days. As someone who has worked a couple of years in the minor leagues, I found it to be entertaining, funny, intriguing and an honest account of what goes on between teammates in the minors. And it left me wanting more from Hayhurst, including his ascension to the Majors where his book left off. Thankfully, he’s been writing a seasonal blog for Baseball America that can be found via his website.

I’ve read plenty of baseball books over the years, but most of them are second-hand biographies through countless interviews on legendary people and teams like Roberto Clemente or the Brooklyn Dodgers. As for a recent first-hand account of today’s minor leagues and what it means to struggle to reach your dream, The Bullpen Gospels is the book for that. I highly recommend it to any baseball fan out there.