What a weekend in Major League Baseball. We had our first significant event of this young 2010 season—the Pirates swept the Reds. OK, all kidding aside, the real news was Ubaldo Jimenez firing a no-hitter against the Atlanta Braves. It seems special events like this tend to take place in Atlanta for some reason. Randy Johnson’s perfect game in 2004 was also in Atlanta.

Anyway, Jimenez tossed 129 pitches as he no hit the Braves on Saturday while walking six and fanning seven batters. Not only was it was the first no-hitter this year, but it was the first no-hitter in Rockies history. Just a fantastic moment for the franchise. Plus, after watching how un-hittable he was against a pretty good Atlanta lineup, there’s no reason to think the 26-year-old couldn’t do it again throughout his career. He continued to pump 97-mile-per-hour heat at the Braves the entire night.

This performance could also mean more in Rockies lore as the day they finally found an ace they have been looking for since the organization began playing ball in 1993. When you think of the Rockies, you think of some great hitters that have come through Coors Field, but not so much pitching. Part of that has to do with the ballpark being a launching pad in the high altitude, but look at some of the Rockies top pitchers in their history: Aaron Cook (Rockies leader in career wins), Jason Jennings, Pedro Astacio, Jeff Francis, Jamey Wright. Yeah, not exactly the greatest crop of pitching talent ever. Francis looked like the ace until his injury in 2008, which caused him to miss the entire 2009 season and he still hasn’t thrown a pitch in 2010 yet.

As you can see from that list, Ubaldo can easily be the ace pitcher for the Rockies, and his no-hitter last Saturday could be his first of many big moments for him and the franchise.