Here’s something you don’t see very often—nine stolen bases by one team in a game. That’s exactly what the Texas Rangers did last night in their loss to the Red Sox at Fenway. Nine stolen bases, that’s ridiculous. It takes some teams a month to reach nine stolen bases. The running feat was a franchise record for Texas as well as allowing nine steals a franchise record for Boston. They actually stole eight bases in a span of three innings before Nelson Cruz added the ninth swipe in the fifth inning. Cruz had three steals, Elvis Andrus stole three, Vladimir Guerrero picked up two and Julio Borbon stole one.

So what happened exactly to Boston, why couldn’t they stop the Rangers running at will? Victor Martinez’s arm isn’t that bad to not be able to throw anyone out. Well, ol’ knuckleballer Tim Wakefield was on the mound. He doesn’t exactly throw heat or have the fastest delivery so this makes sense. Obviously the Rangers saw something early with his delivery and went wild. Wakefield and Martinez were helpless to stop it.

I don’t remember teams being this successful against Wakefield, so it’ll be interesting to see if teams continue to run at will against Wakefield.