When a franchise is amidst 17 consecutive losing seasons, you tend to think it can’t get any worse. Well, once the Pittsburgh Pirates went above and beyond to prove how terrible they are by being annihilated by the Brewers 20-0 at HOME.

My vocabulary seriously isn’t that extensive to describe this atrocious performance by the Bucs. Some facts from the game: it was the worst loss in 124 years of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club and they were outscored 36-1 in the three-game series. Outscored 36 to 1…that’s embarrassing. Twenty to nothing—that is embarrassing.

I heard some people comparing this loss to a 42-0 loss in football. That is not the correct equivalent at all because you see 42-0 games in the NFL more often than a 20-0 loss in baseball. A 20-0 loss in  baseball is more equivalent to 100-0 loss in football, and that’s horrendous.

At the end of the day in a 162-game season, it is just one game and today’s a new game. But yesterday’s game (scrimmage?) just adds another joke to the punchline that are the Pittsburgh Pirates. I can’t write anymore about this. I long for the day this losing ends.