Three weeks into the season and things are starting to pick up—some teams are starting to distance themselves from the pack at the top and at the bottom and Roy Halladay (4-0, 0.82) is still a monster on the mound.

Let’s start off talking about rainouts! If you haven’t noticed many postponed games before this weekend well that’s because there weren’t any until Friday night’s rainout between Colorado and Florida. That’s the longest we’ve gone into a season with no postponements since 1985. That year the first rainout didn’t occur until May 20, the 43rd day of the season, whoa. Of course, as soon as ESPN ran a story regarding the lack of rainouts, a game that night was PPD. ESPN screwing things up again!

There was an interesting decision/play in the Yankees-Angels game yesterday afternoon. With the Yankees trailing 5-4 in the seventh inning and two men on base, Joe Girardi decided to intentionally walk Kendry Morales, but changed his mind after one pitch and decided to go after him. With the count 3-0, Morales got the green light and promptly smoked a three-run homer to sink New York. Whoops. You can second guess all you want and obviously Girardi did that after the game, but they’ll with it. Though I’m not sure I can recall the last time I saw a team go for the IBB and then switch and pitch to him in the middle of the at-bat. Also to throw him a strike a 3-0 probably wasn’t a stellar decision either.

It’s getting real close to that time of the year when you can bury the Pittsburgh Pirates. After a decent 7-5 start, the Pirates have dropped six straight including being swept by the Astros as they fall into last place of the NL Central. How bad has it been? Well they were humiliated by the Brewers 20-0 at home this week and they have been outscored in their 11 losses by a total of 102-23. That’s pathetic. Is there an end in sight? Well the Bucs travel to Milwaukee next for a three-game series with the Brewers, who pretty much own the Bucs in the past five years. Oh and did I mention that the Pirates have lost 21 straight in Milwaukee. This is brutal.

Most of my preseason predictions are looking decent at this point in the early season. The Rays have been on fire and off to the best start (14-5) in their history, Phillies and Cardinals are rolling, Red Sox are struggling, but I immediately am regretting my decision to put the Twins (13-6) in second after Joe Nathan was lost to injury. It’s still early, but the Twins sure look like a solid team. The loss of Nathan has not hurt them one bit as Jon Rauch has picked up the ninth inning duties and hasn’t looked back. Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer are probably one of the toughest two guys you will face in the middle of any lineup and the guys like Span, Kubel and their young pitching staff are doing all the little things to win.

How about the top of the leader board in home runs—Paul Konerko is on top with eight bombs, but the comeback seasons of Jose Guillen and Vernon Wells are next tied with seven homers. The Jays needed Wells to bounce back from a couple disappointing seasons, but I don’t even think they thought he would be doing this well. The question is—can he keep this up?