I know I just did a post on the Pirates a few days ago, but I can’t overlook their performance in the past week. It’s unbelievable how horrible/pathetic/awful/depressing/horrendous/embarrassing the Pirates are playing right now. Here are some ridiculous numbers courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that should seriously shock any baseball fan and the Pirates organization…

  • Overall, the Pirates have been outscored, 147-65. The Baltimore Orioles are next-worst in run differential at a not-even-close minus-36.
  • During this losing streak, the Pirates have been outscored, 72-12.
  • The Pirates have dropped 22 straight games to the Brewers at Miller Park.
  • The Brewers have outscored the Pirates by 49 runs through these four games, 53-4.
  • The starting rotation has an 8.72 ERA that is more than two full runs higher than any other rotation in the majors.

In 20-plus years of watching and attending Pirate games, I seriously can’t recall a time when I was more disgusting with the play on the field.

While they don’t have the greatest talent ever in history, these are still Major League baseball players and having a pitching staff that continue to get ignited every time out should never happen. You would think the ERA would have to balance out, but they are current a minus 82 run differential! That is mindboggling.

I’m pretty sure that I’m finished talking about the Pirates for the 2010 season. That is all.