Thank goodness it’s almost Friday signaling the end of the work week. Let’s take a look at some links around the internet and various blogs on this Thursday night.

MLB Trade Rumors does a nice piece on the significant remaining free agents that still hope to play again this season. Probably the biggest surprise to me was one Boston Globe writer that believes Gary Sheffield will sign with a team soon. I thought Sheff would be on his way to retirement, but that could be put on hold this year. Jermaine Dye is also still available as well as Elijah Dukes, who was dumped by the Nationals a few days prior to the season. As we head farther into the season, teams who are hurting with injuries or a struggling young player will break down and sign these free agents eventually.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez is a baby. Perez obviously didn’t think too highly of the way the Angels beat his Indians the other day on a walkoff bunt, but didn’t it work if it caught the Tribe by surprise? Move on, Chris, and worry about your not so effective pitching one month into the year.

So who’s this Ike Davis fellow that was called up by the Mets and is raking through his first 10 games? Well BR’s Stat of the Day breaks down his game logs through 10 games as the Mets have gone 9-1 since Ike Davis arrived in New York. Not a bad way to start a career—hit .355 and help your team roll to a 9-1 homestand. Mets will cheer anyone who helps to turn around a stretch of miserable recent seasons.

Adam LaRoche has apparently figured out how to hit in April. He hit another two home runs in today’s afternoon win over the Cubs. Of course LaRoche would leave Pittsburgh and then suddenly start raking the ball in April. The knock on LaRoche was always the slow start before he really turned it on midseason and would end would solid numbers all around. So he could be on his way to a huge season with no slow start to haunt him. Maybe Mark Teixeira can call Adam up and see what he’s doing differently this month because Teixeira is struuuuuggggling at the plate (.133/.293/.253).