Below is a video that contains one of the most honest interviews I’ve seen a baseball player give in a long time. In case you missed this minor incident, Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas Braden didn’t think too highly of A-Rod apparently walking across “his” mound after a inning-ending double play last month is an A’s win over the Yankees. Well, Braden is still rambling on about A-Rod breaking an “unwritten” rule as you can see from the video. A-Rod, are you sure you didn’t sleep with Braden’s girlfriend or something because this guy seriously doesn’t like you at all.

Normally I would wonder who in the hell does a pitcher with 17 career wins think he is calling one of the best hitters in the game out, but I actually find it pretty hilarious. A-Rod isn’t exactly a stranger to unethical play—remember the time he slapped the ball out of the pitchers hands as he was getting ready to tag him. Plus, Braden is on one of my fantasy teams, so I’m okay with him finding motivation from anywhere just as long as he continues pitching well. Click here for the link to the video courtesy of Big League Stew. It’s definitely worth a watch.