Right at the top of the list of “Major League rules I wish I could change,’ along with no RBI earned for a double play, is what happens to games that are rained out before they are became an official game.

The rule 4.10 (c) states: If a game is called, it is a regulation game:

(1) If five innings have been completed;
(2) If the home team has scored more runs in  four or four and a fraction half-innings than the visiting team has scored in five completed half-innings;
(3) If the home team scores one or more runs in its half of the fifth inning to tie the score.

If the first two things would happen, the game would be official and the game would end and count in the books. If the third option occurred, the game would be tied and suspended to the next day or a later date.

The problem I have is with 4.10 (e), which states: If a game is called before it becomes a regulation game, the umpire shall declare it “No Game.”

If this instance, all the plays and stats to this point in the game would be thrown out like it never ever happened. I don’t like that at all because those stats did happen and in a sport where everything is counted toward season records and awards, why should those stats be lost just  because rain hit in the fourth or fifth inning?

The reason I’m bringing this up is because it happened last night in the Tigers-Indians game in Cleveland. The Tigers led 7-6 in the fourth inning when rain came and washed away the game that everyone just watched. It was a bit of slugfest in those four innings as Miguel Cabrera homered, Travis Hafner hit a three-run bomb, Grady Sizemore who is looking for a bounce back season hit his first homer of 2010…only according to the Major League rulebook, he didn’t. Sizemore, Cabrera and Hafner all lose those home runs thanks to this rule.

This illogical rule makes no sense to me because all stats should be official. Why would you play those innings again if they already happened? I think if one pitch is thrown in a game and it’s called due to rain, that game should be suspended and picked up exactly as they left it the next day or at a later date.

Just something to ponder until the day when I become the Commissioner and can finally make some changes!