How Major League Baseball makes some of its decisions is unbelievable to me. Instead of avoiding a potentially headache of a situation months ago, they decide to cause havoc right in the middle of the season. Let me back up for a moment and explain. MLB announced today that the Blue Jays-Phillies interleague series in late June that was originally set in Toronto will have to be moved to Philadelphia due to the upcoming G20 Summit in Toronto.

I’m not entirely sure why they couldn’t pull all of this off considering Pittsburgh had the same problem last year with a home series going on the same time when they hosted the G20 last September, but managed to still get the series in against the Dodgers. Though I do understand the huge security risks and the fact that the Rogers Centre is smack dab in the heart of Toronto.

The problem I can’t get past is that the league could have avoided this before the season even started. The G20 Summit Toronto site was announced in early December 2009…the Jays schedule came out three months earlier, but there was still plenty of time to move a series or two around and get things corrected. Instead, they waited till mid May and now the Toronto fans are the ones who will suffer. When you knew about this problem in December and January, why was this not dealt with until May? I don’t understand that at all.

The Blue Jays will still be the home team in Philly, the DH will be used and the teams will split the gate, but I doubt the Toronto fans give a shit about any of that. Roy Halladay’s highly anticipated return to Toronto is gone along with the chance of seeing the two-time NL champs. With the bizarre random interleague scheduling MLB puts together, who knows if Halladay will have a chance to return to Toronto in another year. Speaking of Jays fans, Drunk Jays Fans (a fantastic blog) aren’t taking it too well, and I’m with them.