A few things haven’t happened in a while—Mariano Rivera hasn’t blown a save at home in a long time until today against the Twins, and I haven’t posted on here this weekend. My apologies for that as I was fairly booked this weekend taking part in a wedding away from home, but I’m glad to announce the posts are back in session this week.

Also, when you’re writing a post pretty much everyday and trying to fit it in before the day begins or prior to a family function or late at night before bed, mistakes tend to happen more often than not. So I want to extend a big thank you to my impromptu editor Hermann, who has found numerous errors throughout this blog during his faithful reading and does a good job of informing me of those quickly. Thank you, Hermann.

While I was missing in action, there were a good number of sweeps this weekend. I’ll get into what went down and why tomorrow in the weekly recap.