The bottom of the ninth play-by-play from Tuesday’s afternoon game between Milwaukee and Cincinnati as Trevor Hoffman attempted to nail down his 597th career save:

T. Hoffman relieved M. Estrada
– P. Janish singled to shallow center
S. Rolen hit for C. Fisher
– S. Rolen homered to deep left center, P. Janish scored
– C. Heisey doubled to shallow left
– B. Phillips walked
– J. Votto singled to right, C. Heisey scored, B. Phillips to second

Obviously, Hoffman was not good Tuesday afternoon. Four hits, one walk, three runs, ZERO outs and a big fat blown save and loss. Sure, the Reds have been hot, but when the all-time saves leader blows a two-run lead in a season that continues to get worse, it begs the question—is this it for Hoffman?

It wasn’t just a bad game either because Hoffman has struggled mightily all season. He’s currently 1-3 with a 13.15 ERA with 8K-7BB. Coming into the season, he needed only nine saves to reach the milestone of 600, and he currently has five on the year. Though he’s also blown five saves this year and it’s only mid-May. He blew a total of four games all last season for the Brewers, and the most saves he’s blown in any given year throughout his career was seven. Batters are hitting well over .300 against him. He’s absolutely getting torched all over the field.

While I expect him to keep scuffling toward 600 saves, I’m not sure how much longer the Brewers will continue to go with the 42-year-old as their closer. Without question, Hoffman has had a Hall of Fame career that has him leading everyone in saves all-time, but I have to believe that his 19th season in the Majors will be his last run.