During my daily routine scouring boxscores around the league, something stood out to me like a big red flag. David Ortiz hit a RBI-triple against the Twins Wednesday night. My first thought—holy smokes, where did he hit that or how bad was the defense or bounce off the wall for the big guy to chug his way for three bases?

Well as I looked into it more, it wasn’t a triple at all, but a two-run home run that was reviewed for about five minutes. Turns out that Yahoo Sports had it wrong on their play-by-play. Ortiz hit a ball off the top of the green monster that was eventually ruled a home run after the review, so Ortiz’s triple was not to  be. It would have only been his 15th triple of his 14-year career. He has more than 5,200 career at-bats and only 14 triples, so Big Papi hits a triple about 0.002 percent of the time. Though he has recorded at least one triple every year since 2000, so you have to figure he’ll get it at some point this season. Then again for the way he started in 2010, any extra-base hit will be good for him.

Another unusual play on Wednesday was the Mets triple play turned on the Nationals to end the fifth inning. Angel Pagan made a shoestring catch in center and was able to double off both Nationals base runners as they thought the ball had dropped in for a hit. What made it all the more unusual was that Pagan threw into the infield wildly while the catcher cut it off through to Jose Reyes at second base and over to first for your routine 8-2-6-3 triple play. Happens all the time…definitely.

Pagan also hit an inside-the-park home run in the fourth inning to become the first player in 55 years to be a part of a triple play and an inside-the-park homer in the same game. And despite all of that, the Mets still lost to Washington. Strange night around the league.