While the rest of the league began interleague play last night, the Pirates and Braves are the only two teams not involved in the fun this weekend. That’s just fine with me because I’m not a fan of interleague these days.  Speaking of which, is it me or did interleague start early this year? Anyway ,I attended the only innerleague game last night to see Jason Heyward continue his assault on the league, more specifically the Pirates last night. I’m heading over to PNC Park for tonight’s game as well, but wanted to get a quick links post up first. So here we go…

Anytime interleague play gets going, sooner or later you start hearing the argument of “oh my god, why are pitchers hitting and getting injured!” Javier Vazquez was injured bunting, Brad Penny lands on the DL a night after ripping a grand slam, etc. Big deal, this game was meant to have pitchers hit. Get over it, American League. Big League Stew breaks down the recent argument today.

Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt has asked to be traded, and long time A’s third baseman Eric Chavez may retired after being put on the 60-day DL with back spasms. As MLB Trade Rumors points out, Oswalt’s big salary will most likely be tough to deal with teams looking for younger players these days, plus it’s no secret that Oswalt has had injury questions in recent years. Just because he said he would waive his no-trade clause doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee he would be traded. And Chavez is one of my favorite players last decade, mostly because he was a stud in fantasy baseball for me over the years, but a retirement is looking like the right call. He’s been injured on and off recently and just isn’t the same productive player he once was.

Yahoo Sports ran a ridiculous article yesterday on if the 2010 Rays can reach the 1998 Yankees record of 125 wins. Look, the Rays are obviously out to a great start at 30-12, but considering the notion that they could win 125 wins is insanity right now. It’s May 22 and we aren’t 50 games into the season. The Rays are good and will be battling for the division title all year, but they will cool off and not keep up their pace all year.

Is 2010 the year of the walk-off? There have been 61 walk-offs as of May 20 this year, which would put the league on pace for the most walk-offs in the past four years. The Braves have especially found some magic this year, leading the lead with six walk-off victories. MLB.com put together a nice article on all the walk-off talk.