In the brief look we received at interleague play this weekend, the National League came out on top–barely–with a 22-20 record over the junior circuit. The fun won’ t pick up again until mid-June, but it will be intriguing to see if the NL actually wins one of these overall for the year considering their horrible track record in interleague play.

Two teams (Pirates and Braves) were vacant from the party due to the NL’s 16 teams to the AL’s 14 teams, but the Pirates missing out on interleague play is a good thing for the NL’s reputation.

Surprisingly, there was only one sweep this weekend as the A’s shut down the Giants in the rematch of the Bay Series. The Giants scored a total of one run in three games against Oakland. We knew the Giants offense wasn’t great, but where in the world did their production go? Only the Pirates and Astros have scored fewer runs than the Giants 175 runs, but they’ve scored just nine runs during their five-game losing streak with seven runs coming in one game. Everyone knows the Giants have the pitching to compete with anyone, but the bats will eventually be their downfall in competing all year.