Ozzie wishes this was his GM

I’m not a fan of White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Actually, I hate the guy. I think he’s loud mouth, cancerous, overrated manager who has a strange relationship with his GM akin to an old married couple. Leave it Ozzie to make news outside the playing lines, but as much as I can’t stand him this story is hilarious.

During the Sox recent series in Cleveland, Ozzie was asked to sign his autograph on a baseball of an Indians fan. Well, he decided to add some other things besides his John Hancock. I guess he also believes in one of my favorite hobbies—sticking it to the city of Cleveland at every chance possible:

On one side of the ball he wrote: “Bye Bye LeBron LOL”

And on the other side: “When are you going to win anything in sports? Please.”

Dick move by the manager? Yes
Probably should have thought better since people look up to him? Yes
Still absolutely hilarious? YES YES YES!