The following video should conjure up images of Bill Gramatica. Kendry Morales appears to have broken his leg during his celebration of a walk-off grand slam in the 10th inning over the Mariners yesterday afternoon. The initial report says he could be sidelined up to 10-12 weeks. Ouch.

Talk about a bittersweet ending for the Halos. They were all ready to go crazy at home plate and pile on their teammate, but it turned quiet quickly at home plate once the rest of the team realized he may be seriously injured. A sacrifice fly would have done the job and been less crazy, but Kendry had to go get all dramatic on us the grand slam! Seriously, I hope he’s okay and is able to get back on the field as soon as possible.

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often on walk-off celebrations when you have 25+ guys jumping around a spot of about five feet. In my demented mind, I actually find this video sort of funny just watching his teammates go from “WOOOOOO WE WIN” to “oh shit, something’s wrong” in about three seconds. It’ll be interesting to see how the Angels celebrate their next walk-off hit.

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