Just wanted to mention some housekeeping this morning to the blog. I have added a couple new links and blogs to the list on the right side of the site.

One of the new links I added is a surprisingly fun website to play around with involving baseball pennant races. BaseballRace.com allows you to choose any year, league or division and watch them race to the end of that year based on what actually happened in the standings. It races in the amusement park-horse theme, you know the one where you have to shoot the water on a target the size of a penny and watch your horse or car stumble to the finish line.You can choose any season from 1901 to the present season in 2010.

Check it out, it’s a pretty fun program. A couple of seasons I recommend racing is the 1951 National League race where the Giants stormed back from 13 games down in August to force and win a one-game playoff over the Dodgers on Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” and more recently the 2007 Mets when they collapsed in late September to hand the Phillies the pennant. It really shows you how much of a gap these teams had so late into the season.

Also, I want to end this post with a quote. I love baseball quotes, and thanks to my baseball off-the-wall calendar, new quotes are pop up every couple of weeks on it. Here’s one from yesterday from famous former franchise owner and promoter Bill Veeck:

“It is played by people, real people, not freaks. Basketball is played by giants. Football is played by corn-fed hulks. The normal-sized man plays baseball and the fellow in the stands can relate to that.”