Interesting finish to some late night Wednesday action. Vin Scully’s quote tonight was spot on. What a bizarre finish to the Dodgers-Angels game. Thanks to my current work schedule and west coast baseball, I found myself randomly watching the final two innings of the battle of LA on my Extra Innings package. It turned out to end on a timing play that you don’t see very often.

With the Dodgers trailing 2-1 in the top of the ninth, Angels closer Brian Fuentes came on for the save. Matt Kemp led off the inning by reaching first on an E6. Ronnie Belliard singled and Casey Blake struck out. This is where things went down hill for the Dodgers. With runners on first and second with one out, Kemp lost his head and was picked off second base. That can never happen when you have the tying run in scoring position. Inexcusable.

The Dodgers still seemed to be okay though after Russell Martin walked. Jamey Carroll pinch-hit and hit a bloop single into left field. Reed Johnson, running for Ronnie Belliard easily rounded third and was on his way to score when Martin was thrown out at second base after rounding the base too far. Martin’s out was recorded while Johnson was about 10 feet from scoring at home plate thus being a timing play. Martin’s out is the third out, Johnson’s run does not count and somehow Fuentes picks up the save. And of course Martin throws his helmet down arguing the call at second base and is tossed from the game though said game already ended so I’m not sure what he’s being tossed from.

I haven’t seen a timing play that close end a game before. Apparently neither had Scully, who said, “What a bizarre finish…even for the Dodgers.”

It’s also one of those rare cases where the game ends on a hit, but the team batting loses. That also can happen on the batted ball play when a hit ball strikes a base runner, which is recorded as a hit, but the base runner is out.

I’m still wondering what Kemp was thinking and what Martin was doing flying past second base, but what a finish in LA! Yep, I love baseball.