Don’t look now, but the Baltimore Orioles finally have 20 wins in 2010! With an 11-5 victory over the Marlins last night, the Orioles reach the 20-win mark on June 25. That’s pretty awful, but how bad is it exactly?

Well in the past 22 years (minus the ’95 season due to the season starting later thanks to the strike), the only team to win their 20th game later than June 25 were the Detroit Tigers in 2003 when they were 18-58 on that date. They ended up finishing a putrid 43-119 before reaching the World Series three years later. The Orioles were also 20-54 on June 25 back in 1988.

That’s epically bad. It’s so bad that the Pirates can’t even top this one through the past 16 losing seasons. Obviously the O’s have been a complete mess this year from starting pitching and bullpen to shoddy defense and inconsistent hitting. Their 20th win last night was just the fifth win in their last 26 games. Ouch. They have a long way to go, but they have to start stringing some wins together to avoid one of the worst records ever.