So Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson threw a no-hitter the other night against the Rays. Yes, the Rays were no hit…AGAIN. I missed the game, most people missed the game and I haven’t heard much since it so it doesn’t seem like very many people care. Maybe that’s because Jackson’s no-no included a ridiculous eight walks. Not to take anything away from Jackson’s performance because it was a no-hitter and the only person who beat him on the field was himself with the walks, but I can’t be all that impressed by someone who walks eight. Walks are kryptonite to the pitcher and exactly what you don’t want to do when you have a lead, yet he walked eight. The only two pitchers to walk more batters in no-hit games was AJ Burnett, who walked nine in 2001, and Jim Maloney, who walked 10 batters in a 10-inning no-hitter in 1965.

The most impressive thing to me about his feat was the 149 pitches he threw in the game. That’s obviously the most this year and will stay that way. Actually, it’s the most pitches thrown in a game since Livan Hernandez tossed 149 in 2005. That’s just insane as he dialed up the old days of pitching.

As far as no-hitters go, Jackson’s 149 pitches are the most by any no-hitter thrown in years that pitch counts were tracked. Randy Johnson and Sandy Koufax threw the next most with 138 pitches in their no-hitters.

Jackson’s no-hitter is the 65th this season. OK, not quite but seriously what’s next in this season of pitching?