OK, I’ll give prior warning that this post is going to be a bit of a rant.

I’m absolutely sick of Sunday lineups throughout the league. I understand that Sunday day games are a good chance to rest an older player or your starting catcher, but when did it become the norm to sit four or five starters for your scrubs on the bench? I apparently missed the day when this was deemed okay. Why is it always Sunday too? The majority of teams play day games on Thursday too, but you don’t see B-lineups then.

Take Atlanta’s lineup on Sunday, and I’m not just picking on the Braves because every team is pretty much guilty of this. But Brooks Conrad bats second and plays third instead of Chipper Jones, Eric Hinske is batting third and Greg Blanco is in center. Look at the Phillies lineup, the bottom of the order today was horrendous. I could complain about the Pirates being really guilty of this Sunday rule, but you could argue that their lineup looks like a B-lineup every game and not just on Sundays.

Cal Ripken Jr. used to play everyday…actually a lot of players used to and some still do. Albert Pujols rarely misses a game…maybe that’s just one thing that makes him great. What do you think Ripken would have said if someone asked him to sit a Sunday out? He would have laughed in their face.

Maybe I’m just old school, but it’s baseball—you are supposed to play everyday. Sure, players get banged up and will sit out now and then, but it’s increasingly becoming a cop-out for Sunday games to feature a lineup of bench players, and it pisses me off. Sundays are a great day to sit down on your couch or head down to the ballpark and watch afternoon summer baseball the way it’s meant to be, but these shitty lineups every week continues to bring my enthusiasm down on Sunday.