Back in the day when I would play Ken Griffey Jr. baseball on SNES for hours in my bedroom, I would occasionally be able to throw out the batter at first as he lugged down the first base line on a line drive to right field. I was always pretty proud of myself after a play like that. But those kinds of play happen in video games—I never thought I’d see it in real action in the major leagues. Last night, Indians catcher Mike Redmond grounded out to…right field.

With the bases loaded and two outs in the sixth inning with the Tribe trailing 3-0 to Oakland, Redmond lined a pitch into right field. A’s right fielder Ryan Sweeney was positioned shallow in the perfect spot, fielded the ball and threw to first to beat Redmond getting to the bag for the third out. It gets scored a groundout to right.

The rare play ended the Indians best chance to get back into the game and they subsequently lost 3-0. Video of the play can be found here at (scroll down to the third video on the right). I love the announcer’s reaction as they were clearly watching the runner score at home and not the play at first base.

Some felt that Redmond just wasn’t hustling, which he answered to in post-game and was able to poke a little fun at himself with a great quote:

“I hit it right to him,” Redmond said. “I knew I was in trouble. The only thing that bothers me is the fact there are probably people out there who think I didn’t hustle. I was running hard out of the box. I’m slow.”