I swear I will stop talking about Stephen Strasburg sooner or later, but he seems to be in the news daily. When he’s not starting every fifth day, the media loves to ramble on and on about how he should be an All-Star! This is getting ridiculous.

The rookie pitcher has made six starts in his career. Yes, he’s looked dominant at times and human more recently, but he’s pitched in only six games. Stop with the All-Star complaining, baseball media. Charlie Manuel may have lost his mind taking Omar Infante to Anaheim, but he made the right call leaving Strasburg at home. He’s 2-2 with a 2.45 ERA with a 5.30 K/BB ratio (53-10), but it doesn’t matter if he was 5-0 with five complete games.

There’s a thing in the major leagues called respect and earning credibility by going about your work on the daily grind over the course of a season and a career. Strasburg is six starts removed from starting in the minors. His All-Star game was his first start, which was one of the most hyped regular season games of all-time.

Let the summer classic showcase the players that have earned the spot and been producing since Opening Day (and Infante). I’m sure Strasburg will only have about 10 other All-Star games to take part in, so the media needs to put a cork on whining about MLB missing a huge opportunity to feature him. They already did that. He’ll most likely be there next year, so let’s just move on.