After watching the Pirates continue to invent ways to lose on the road, I always find myself saying “they have to be the worst road team of all-time.” Well, I looked it up and well, I wasn’t far off at all.

The Pirates are currently a putrid 11-37 in road games this year, which comes out to a nice .229 winning percentage. Running the stat of worst road records since 1950 on Baseball-Reference’s Play Index, there are only two teams with a worst winning percentage than the 2010 Pirates. Two teams in 60 years of baseball. Think about that for a minute. The two teams are the 1962 and ’63 Mets, who were god awful with an 18-62 (.225) and 17-64 (.210) those years, respectively. Their records were obviously a full season, while the Pirates current record is just the first half, but holy shit, it’s still pathetic. Those two Mets teams were the first two expansion years of their franchise, so you can kind of give them a pass. They at least had an excuse. The Pirates just suck.

The Pirates will have trouble avoiding their worst road record in franchise history as the ’52 Bucs are at the bottom of the list with a 19-58 (.247) record.

Will the 2010 Pirates continue to play baseball at a .229 pace on the road this year? Probably not, I mean that would actually be difficult to do but if any team could pull it off, it would be the Buccos.