I don’t believe what I just saw. For the first time since 1996, the National League is victorious in the midsummer classic. Brian McCann, you had me at hello. McCann is named MVP thanks to his three-RBI double in the seventh inning—the only runs for the NL in the game, and the only runs they needed to net the W. Who knew I could cheer for a Brave so much during a game?

2010 All-Star Game MVP

It’s fitting that in a year where the pitching has been so dominant that the NL would win a 3-1 game and allow just one run, an unearned at that, through nine innings.

At first blush, I’m skeptical of a couple of decisions (or non-decisions) by Joe Girardi in the ninth inning. First, why didn’t he pinch run for David Ortiz when Papi led off the inning with a base hit? I understand that he wasn’t the tying run, but why would you ever want Papi on the basepath with the game on the line? Ortiz ended up getting thrown out at second base on a single to right field on a superb play by Marlon Byrd to nail Papi at second base on the force. Second, Girardi left his big bat in Alex Rodriguez on the bench instead of pinch-hitting him. He had to let John Buck bat since he was the only catcher available for the AL, but he had Adrian Beltre and Ian Kinsler and both made outs.

Oh well, there’s always second guessing to go around, but I’ll take it as the National League finally breaks the streak!