I’m still trying to figure out logical reasons for why A-Rod did not bat in the ninth inning of the All-Star game Tuesday. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was confused by some of the questionable decisions (or non-decisions) by Joe Girardi in the All-Star game. Tim Brown from Yahoo! is just one of many who was wondering WTF?

His argument to why he didn’t pinch-hit A-Rod in the ninth inning down 3-1 is stunning:

“If the situation arose, you get extra innings, he would probably be my DH.”

He would “probably” be the DH. Good thing Girardi was worried about extra innings while he’s trailing two runs. You have to get there first and play to win before extra innings is thought about. That’s akin to when playoff teams will “save” their number one starter for Game 6 if there is one, when they need to win Game 5 first to force a Game 6. Pretty idiotic thinking for a major league manager. And all this happens on the day former owner George Steinbrenner passes away. He has to be rolling in his grave already.

Oh and then he were worried about Adrian Beltre’s sore hamstring if he got on base in the ninth. Girardi may have let A-Rod pinch run for Beltre if he reached. Um, if you’re worried about a player’s injury in the All-Star game, why did you let Beltre bat in the first place?? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Maybe Joe didn’t want home field advantage if his Yankees are fortunate enough to make it back to the World Series? OK, I’m done with my rant on Girardi and the All-Star game.