Scott O’Leary has officially given up on his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates franchise and has embarked on an adventure this summer in the inaugural “Random Fandom.” The idea is to pick a team at random to root for from now until the end of the season in hopes that this new team will win before the Pirates finally do. Read about his new favorite team below. For a full detailed recap of the Ran Fan, check out the full rundown here.

The day after the MLB All-Star Game is significant because it’s the only day on the calendar in which there’s not a single sporting event contested by the big four leagues. Since that day only occurs once a year, there’s something strangely relaxing about it. Having been a Pirates fan, the day after the All-Star game is especially nice because it gives you another day off from losing. This year however, I didn’t want a day off. This year, I’m excited for baseball. This year, I have a better than even chance at winning. This year, I’m not a Pirates fan.

Thanks to Random Fandom, I’ve been given a new lease on my baseball life. The idea is simple: I randomly chose a new team to follow and attach my loyalty to, leaving the Pittsburgh Pirates and their lifetime of failure in the past. During the 7th inning of the All-Star Game Xander and I conducted a random drawing to determine which MLB team I would heap all my baseball hopes and dreams upon. To give me a bit of an edge, we took the 17 MLB teams that are above .500 and in contention for their own division or the wild card, assigned those teams random numbers, then drew a random number from The Random Number Generator decided upon number 17, and with that, I became a fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Me, Scott, an east coast National League guy becoming a fan of a west coast American League team? Right off the bat, it certainly will be an adjustment. 10:05 P.M. (EDT) first pitches, Rally Monkeys, the Designated Hitter?! However, the biggest adjustment will be winning, which I’m looking forward to.

Scott (not pictured) joins Alyssa Milano (pictured) as a fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Random Fandom

I do have one reservation: Currently the Angels are in second place in the AL West, coming off three consecutive years of winning the AL West. When I started following the Pirates eighteen years ago, they too were coming off three straight years of winning their division. We all know what followed. Hopefully, that’s where the parallels will end.

So, tonight at 10:05 P.M. when my new Angels take on the Mariners, I embark upon a journey I once thought unthinkable: I’ve abandoned the team of my formative youth in hopes of finding something to cheer about again. I feel like I have much to learn, and am looking forward to every minute of it. So, for the first time, Let’s Go Angels!