In a sea of good ideas I’m sure this one has been said before, but I have yet to hear it. While talking with a friend the other day, I thought “Hey, what if the two worst teams in the league played for the number one pick in next year’s draft?” Think about it. You know you like it.

MLB would take the worst two teams at year-end even if they are both say, in the National League and they would meet for either one game or a three-game series to determine the team with the number one pick next June. This would certainly keep things interesting for the bottom feeders while it would also protect against teams just throwing in the towel in September and lose out so they can lock up the number one pick.

If the season ended today, the Pirates and Orioles (rematch of the ’71 and ’79 World Series) would meet up for the No. 1 pick series. I’m sold right there. If it’s a one-gamer, they could play it on the off day prior to the playoffs to not take any thunder away from it.

Think about how exciting it would have been to have the Nationals and Pirates battle for the Strasburg sweepstakes last October? The fans win, the teams win (well obviously one team would lose), but they would attract viewers and money for the game/series and ESPN and MLB Network could get their jollies off hyping the event for weeks and coming up with a nickname for the series. It’s more money for the league, and I know MLB loves that idea. Speaking of which, how about the Worst Series for a nickname?

Yep, I’ll have to pitch this idea to Bud the next time I run into him.