Justin Morneau did it again to me. Since winning the AL MVP award in 2006, Morneau has made a name of himself as one of the premier power hitters in the game. Last year, Morneau had a stellar first half with 21 HRs, 70 RBI and a line of .311/.390/.575 but after slumping in the second part of the season he finally was diagnosed with a stress fracture in September and missed the rest of the season and playoffs. Of course I had Morneau last year in fantasy baseball and reaped the benefits for his first half spoils, but he was missing when it counted. Just like he was for the Twins.

Well this March when people were shying away from Morneau in fantasy drafts, there I was suckered in again by the numbers he put up when he was healthy. Hey, he was injured last year for the second half, he’s primed for a big year, I thought, especially in new Target Field. And for the first 81 games, I looked like a genius as Morneau tore the cover off the ball, hitting .345/.437/.618 with 18 home runs and 25 doubles. At one point, he was leading the AL in WAR and getting on base at a .500 pace for the first three months. He was on his way to one hell of a season. Until July 7th when he was suffered a concussion. He missed the All-Star game and has not played another game so far this season. And a repeat from last year, here I am in the fantasy playoffs without one of my top picks and legit hitters. Currently he’s in jeopardy of missing the playoffs again as there’s no timetable for his return with the Twins once again storm toward the playoffs.

Morneau has always been a notorious second half slumper throughout his career, but since signing his six-year deal with Minnesota, he’s now having a problem staying healthy. Whether it’s training or just plain bad luck, the guy can’t stay healthy and put together a solid second half. Which begs the question, if he’s not around for October when the Twins need him the most, what is he really worth?