I hate the month of September in baseball sometimes. Sure, it’s full of pennant races and divisions coming down to the wire, but viewing various boxscores becomes ridiculous when you see teams using about 8-10 pitchers each in a given game due to the expanded 40-man rosters. Major League Baseball should put a stop to expanded rosters in the month of September.

It’s somehow decided that after five months of play with a strict 25-man roster, they should be suddenly be expanded to 40 players to allow minor leaguers to get a call up as a reward to their season for the ones that deserved a call up while teams look to clinch their division title or playoff berth. That’s all well so we can all get that warm fuzzy feeling inside about young guys getting the chance at the big leagues, but it makes no sense to extend these rosters in the most crucial month of the season with playoff berths on the line.

Don’t be naive to think that these extra players don’t affect the pennant races either. If you think these extended rosters don’t play a major role, than you’re delusional.

Extended rosters are a big bonus to MLB managers. After months of managing the bullpen closely every day, with expanded rosters, managers can play it safe and use non-key players in a blowout or a big defeat to save the rest of his pen or bench. Managers can also have more freedom to pinch run for a guy here or pinch hit for their pitcher there, and still know they have an extra catcher on the bench and other multiple players in case the game would go to extra frames. It’s a huge asset for the manager to have these extra players to use freely. Why should baseball make it so easy on the these teams and coaches during the biggest month of the season?

People will argue that the majority of the teams are out of the hunt by September and bringing up these players is no problem. But look at the past month, where five playoff spots were up for grabs including two spots that’s coming down to the wire in the final weekend. Teams like the Pirates, Orioles, Nationals still play the big boys in the final month and can affect the pennant races by managing with less risk and using more bodies to keep others fresh for later or the next day.

In a sport where players are pushed everyday in the minors and spring training to earn their way onto a major league roster and where only the best of the best make it, it’s ridiculous for these roster spots to be handed down to minor leaguers that otherwise would not have made the 25-man roster in that particular season. It’s a great story to see these young players or career minor leaguers finally get the call to the show, but it makes no sense to have them arrive during the biggest month of the season and play a role in the team’s chance for the playoffs.