Fifty years ago today Pirates Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski hit a championship-clinching solo home run in the bottom of the ninth of Game 7 to defeat those Damn Yankees 10-9 in the game and 4-3 in the 1960 World Series. It’s still the only Game 7 walkoff home run to win a World Series.

Almost forgotten around baseball these days (go to, there’s zip on the front page about today being the 50th anniversary), Maz’s home run that day continues to be remembered forever in Pittsburgh. Just last month, the Pirates unveiled a new statue right outside the stadium of young Maz’s jubilation as he rounded second base with his hands in the air. A piece of Forbes Field wall that reads the 406 FT distance has also been preserved and used as part of the statue.

And every year on October 13, a group of avid followers meet in Oakland, where part of the Forbes Field wall remains today, to listen to the original broadcast from that game. I couldn’t make it today, but I promise to make that next year, if not one of these years soon. With the current state of the Pittsburgh Baseball Club the way it is today, it’s almost amazing to me that a moment like Maz’s home run happened in Pittsburgh. Those special moments don’t happen very often at all, but I often wonder if this city will see a World Series again or even a postseason appearance. I know, it’s a frightening thought for a Pirates fan or even general fan of baseball history, but it is what it is right now.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has done a remarkable job all year covering different aspects of that series and Game 7, and here’s the link to enjoy all of their coverage from today and 1960. I know I will.

We Had ‘Em All The Way!