Yesterday, shortstop Troy Tulowitzki agreed to a seven-year $119 million dollar extension with the Rockies that will keep him in Colorado through 2010 2020. The extension along with the remainder of his current deal will guarantee Tulo $163M through the lifetime of the contract. At the age of 26, life is good for Tulowitzki. Or is it? On the heels of the announcement, Yahoo’s Jeff Passan wrote a ridiculous article that I have to vigorously disagree with.

It’s one thing to give your opinion and say that the Rockies made a big mistake by committing a quarter of their payroll to one player when they probably won’t spend above $80M a year on the entire team, but to go out and chastise a player for wanting to stay in Denver where he’s built a life and will make $20M per year is pretty ridiculous. It seems outrageous to me that he will regret this extension at some point of his career. The Rockies may regret it later down the road, but I don’t think Tulowitzki will.

Tulo told the media in the presser announcing the deal that his goal was to play for one team his entire career like Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken Jr, two stars that he looks up to. How can you blame him for wanting that and getting paid at the same time? How dare he for being unselfish and leaving some extra money on the table that he probably could have picked up from the Yankees or Red Sox! Passan comes off like a whiny Yanks or Sox fan that is confused beyond belief of how this guy wouldn’t run to Boston or New York to squeeze every million he can out of some team. Tulowitzki obviously enjoys playing for the Rockies, enjoys the city of Denver and wants to be the guy for an entire franchise for the remainder of his career. How can you not respect that?

Passan’s opening line reads Troy Tulowitzki did not want to be Alex Rodriguez. He didn’t want to be Nomar Garciaparra, either. So he carved his own path. The wrong one.”

Come on, seriously? There’s no way of telling that this is the wrong choice for him at this point, but I find it refreshing that there are still players out there that aren’t like A-Rod and the guys that just go for the highest dollar. If anything, I applaud Tulowitzki for making this decision.

Passan also asks “oh, what could have been” for Tulo with multiple championships coming every year had he gone to New York or Boston! Yeah, how many World Series championships has A-Rod seen since signing his landmark deal with the Yankees? One in seven years with the pinstripes. That’s not exactly a trophy case full of championships. And is it so far out of the realm of possibility to think the Rockies couldn’t win a championship in the near future? This is a team that went to the World Series in Tulowitzki’s rookie year and followed it up with a playoff appearance in 2009. They have another young star in Carlos Gonzalez that they want to lock up and, oh yeah, they have an OK pitcher by the name of Ubaldo Jimenez. It’s a fairly easy argument to say they have a nice core of young players that will help them compete in the National League for years.

It’s impossible to predict how this extension will play out, but it’s nice to see a player who wants to stay with his original team, still take very good money and play out his career in the mold of Ripken. And despite what Jeff Passan says, there’s nothing wrong with that.