About a year ago on March 4, 2010 to be exact, I wrote my first post on Caught Looking. Two hundred posts later and here we are. I’ve had fun posting and handing out my opinions throughout the year on my small space here in the blogosphere that included being featured on MLB Trade Rumors that saw my daily hits soar through the roof that week.

I’ve added a Caught Looking twitter account that you can follow at http://twitter.com/Caught_Looking1. Caught Looking also has its own page on Facebook that you can become a fan of here.

I can’t wait for spring training and the 2011 season to get underway as this blog finds its niche this year. One of the new features for the season with include a daily dose of some sort that will recap each day during the season.

Thank you to everyone who has visited these pages and to the dedicated fans that read this site regularly. I plan on being around for Caught Looking’s 500th post and beyond.

And as always, let’s play two!