I’m not going to spend very much time writing about this because it just isn’t worth it, but breaking news came out this afternoon that Manny Ramirez has retired quit.

MLB released a statement stating that the league notified Ramirez of an issue with the drug policy, something he is very familiar with, and he abruptly decided to quit instead of facing a 100-game suspension since this would have been his second positive test.

Basically he took his ball and went home. It’s not really surprising with how the tail end of Manny’s career went. He wasn’t really helping the Rays so far this season as he was just 1-for-16 with four strikeouts. Tough break for Tampa Bay, but they knew the risk when they signed him to a one-year, $2 million contract.

Manny pretty much quit with the Red Sox when he showed his displeasure with his contract situation by not running out ground balls and possibly bringing his game down to intentionally not produce until he was traded to the Dodgers. That whole mess of a situation along with his suspensions clearly shows Manny had no respect for the game of baseball. His latest move of quitting six games into the season is a joke, but one where no one should be surprised.

His numbers will always be up for talk on the Hall of Fame discussion, but my guess is he will not get into the Hall considering the voters set a precedent with being linked to steroids with McGwire and since Manny was suspended for it in his career, they won’t allow him in.

The bottom line is the game of baseball is a lot better off without Manny Ramirez. Good riddance.