I’m not sure how I missed this one until now, but this is definitely up for best video of the 2010 season. After the Indians loss to the Blue Jays on May 5, Sports Time Ohio announcer Bruce Drennan lost it. He probably should have just went home following the final out, but he decided to produce a five-minute rant on the state of the Indians team, and it’s hilarious. This is what happens when you have to watch crappy baseball day after day. Sometimes I wish the Pirates announcer would go off script for once in their life and just go bonkers like Bruce here. Enjoy.

“We stink, man. Ah ah oh oh.”


This is a bit old as I missed it from opening night prior to the Red Sox-Yankees game, but I had to post it. For readers who don’t know what this five-year-old kid is all about…his YouTube video of the reenactment of Herb Brooks speech before Team USA’s 1980 Miracle on Ice was an instant hit (more than 2 million hits). If you ask me, he performs this speech better than Kurt Russell did in Miracle. He’s been on some talk shows, and now it has led him all the way to Fenway Park to add some fun to the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. He modified the original speech a little here to fit with baseball. Ladies and gentleman, meet Joshua Sacco…